Lean/Six sigma

The overarching learning objective of the LeanSix Sigma Black Belttraining istodevelopacomprehensiveset of skills that will allow youtofunction effectively asa Lean Six SigmaBlack Belt.TheLeanSix Sigma Black Belt bodyof knowledgeincludestechniques forboth quantitative and non‐quantitativeanalysis, aswell asthe teamleadership skills necessarytogetprojects across the goal line.
After completing thiscourse, you should be able to DO the following:

• Communicate usingLeanSix Sigma concepts.
• Thinkaboutyour organizationasa collection of processes, with inputsthatdetermine theoutput.
• Relate LeanSix Sigma concepts tothe overall business mission and objectives.
• Use the concept of a Sigma Leveltoevaluate thecapabilityof a process or organization.
• Understand and apply the five step D‐M‐A‐I‐C model asa frameworktoorganize processimprovementactivity.
• Employ a wide range of process improvement techniques, including Design of Experiments,within the D‐M‐A‐I‐C model.
• Recognizethe organizational factors that are necessary groundworkfora successful LeanSixSigma effort.
• Employ yourLeanSix Sigma skills tolead a successful process improvementprojectdeliveringmeaningfulresults tothe organization