About Us

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At PSI-DATA, we recognize that to successfully earn the trust and confidence of our stakeholders and business partners, we must deliver and sustain a consistently high-quality service and keep our promise. We achieve this through our customer focus initiatives, innovations and professionalism. We leverage on our reliable and efficient network of associates and affiliate companies and most importantly our motivated workforce.

PSI-DATA is an industrial/enterprise services delivery company, providing solutions and services to the public / private / governmental and non-governmental sectors:- Institutions; the Oil & Gas Industry; Energy Sector; Information Technology and Telecommunications Industry; Marine, Industrial and Environmental Services; Manufacturing, and the Health and Banking Sectors. We design, we build, we install and we integrate!

Psi-Data has earned respect as a high profile Good Corporate Citizen by focusing on Corporate Social Responsibility of caring for the stakeholders in our business and community interests; compliance to Corporate, Legal and Regulatory Laws.

We have a firm commitment to cost effective, timely and quality solutions. In addition, our emphasis on professional ethics, teamwork, communication, training and development, and innovative thinking, helps us to establish and maintain top-quartile performance and quality standards in our client relationships, as we successfully deliver services.
We are centered on global execution excellence by developing a unique combination of local professionals and up-to-date technology where we have a competitive edge to deliver excellent and cost effective solutions to our clients’ / customers’ needs. We have a policy of involving the best available local (manpower and material) resources, in all trades, with high-degree of effective supervision and controls, which provides us safe working environment without compromising on quality.

Community relations are a value-added service central to our comprehensive approach to project management. A strong relation with the host community forms an important part of our everyday activities, ensuring that project sites are developed with an environment of trust and understanding, so that work can proceed on time and without costly interruptions.